Monday, August 22, 2011

Why the Genesis Flood had to be a Global Flood.

Reconciling the Biblical account with uniformitarian geology, most often involves claiming that the Bible doesn't really say what it says. They have tried to argue that the Genesis Flood was just a large local flood. There problems with this idea are numerous.

If the Flood had been local the would be no reason for Noah would to build an Ark. God decided to send the Flood 120 years before it started so even on foot with all their live stock Noah and his family could have easily gotten to the other side of the world and so as to escaped any local Flood.

Even if God had Noah built the Ark for some symbolic reason, there would have been no reason for sending animals to the Ark. Noah would have only needed enough of his own live stock to start new herds. However the Ark was big enough to hold every kind of land vertebrate that has ever existed. This would have been overkill for a local Flood. In addition birds could have easily escaped a local Flood, yet they are specifically mentioned as being on the Ark.

The Bible says waters of the Flood peaked at 22 feet above the mountains, this would by definition be a Global Flood. Genesis 7.

A local flood would not affect people who did not live in the vicinity of the flood. That would make it useless as a judgment of man's sin.

God promised never to send such a flood again. There have been numerous local floods throughout history, so God would have repeatedly broken that promise.

In addition, any flood; in the Mideast; large enough to fit the Biblical account could not have been local because the area is just too flat. It would have had to have been Global.

In the late 1990's it was claimed that a local flood of the Black Sea was the Genesis Flood. This is just another local flood theory, based on some discoveries in the Black Sea. This flood is said to have resulted from an influx of water from the Mediterranean. The problem is that it does not fit the Biblical or extra biblical accounts. Also it could not have deposited the Ark anywhere near the mountains of Ararat. As of March 2003 it has been discredited.

The simple fact is that the Genesis Flood was global.

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  1. The Flood has often been regarded as a mere legend. Especially those people who believe in the theory of evolution do not believe that the Flood has ever taken place. It is impossible for them to think that it has ever occurred on Earth.
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