Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introduction to Physics

Physics is the study of energy, and matter and  the ways they interact. Physics not just formulas you may not understand. While physic is scientifically expressed by formulas, it is more than those formulas. It can take the form of practical experience. 
Physics is even found in sports. Baseball is a prime example of physics in sports, specifically ballistics. Pool is another example of physics in sports specifically collision physics.

The two main founders of physics are Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. These two men are the main ones responsible for establishing modern physics, there were others involved but they were the most significant.

Physics is central to all other physical sciences including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology and Geology.  Physics has shown us much about the structure of matter, the nature of Energy and the nature of space and time. Physics has the potential to shown us how the universe works and the nature of reality itself.

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