Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scientists claim to find life coming to Earth from space

A report from scientists at the University of Sheffield clams the discovery of microscopic life in the process coming to Earth from space. The "biological particles" that form the bases of this report were found in the stratosphere by a balloon. The reason why they concluded the particles come from space is that they are too big to have drifted up to such an altitude in the absence of volcanic activity.
One flaw in their conclusion is that there could be another mechanism by which these particles could have gotten that high. Another is that it is not even certain that they are biological in origin, scientists have been fooled before. However for the sake of argument lets assume that these particles are indeed life  coming to Earth from space. There is a high probability that they are simply returning having been ejected in the past. In fact from a creation science perspective it is likely that microbes got ejected into space from the Earth during Noah's Flood. 
------ Charles Creager Jr.

Life on Mars Refuted by the Rover Curiosity

Since landing on Mars the rover Curiosity has been test levels of methane in the Martian atmosphere looking for evidence of life. Evidence from Martian orbit had suggesting the presence of methane but Curiosity can not find it. This suggest that the previous evidence for methane was ether in error or the it was volcanic in origin and thus had been ejected into the upper Martian atmosphere. Methane is produced by microorganisms but if it were being produced by Martian microorganisms and Curiosity should have detect it and it has not, These results indicate that if methane is present at all that it is the upper Martian atmosphere making it more compatible with a volcanic origin than a biological one.
From a creation science perspective finding microorganisms on Mars would not be a problem, not only is native Martian microorganisms  not a problem for Biblical creation but there are any number of ways that they could have migrated from Earth to Mars, including Earth meteorites and our own space probes. The main reason for wanting to find life on Mars is too support the idea of abiogenesis which can be shown to be a thermodynamic impossibility. The claim is often made that finding life on Mars would prove abiogenesis not only possible but likely, however the odds would be far greater that life from earth got to Mars. In fact even giving abiogenesis unreasonably generous odds of actually occurring indicates that we should be alone in the universe.
The results of evidence methane in the Martian atmosphere from orbit and not one the surface would be constant with recent volcanic activity on Mars which is a main point of Catastrophic Model of Martian Geology as such this result was actually predicted by the model. However it all but totally falsifies the Martian microorganism model.
------ Charles Creager Jr.