Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea Salt levels indicate Earth’s seas are less than a billion years old.

Salt is dumped in to the ocean by rivers and other sources. At current rates of input and removal of salt the maximum age of oceans; at the current rate of input and output is 38 million years. However we could be at a point of high input and low removal, but even if we project back the minimum possible input rate and maximum possible removal rate, we still get a maximum age is 62 million years.

Some Evolutionists have claimed that Austin and Humphreys greatly underestimated the amount of sodium output. They claim that 38.1 x 1010 kg/yr of sodium is removed instead of the 12.2 x 1010 kg/yr. They then claim that this shows that sodium is in equilibrium, but the they erroneously used the minimum possible influx rate of 35.6 x 1010 kg/yr calculated by Austin and Humphreys, rather than the actual influx rate of 45.7 x 1010 kg/yr. When the actual influx rate is used it result in a net influx rate of 7.6 x 1010 kg/yr, and this clearly not in equilibrium. This new net influx rate results in a maximum age for the oceans of 273 million years.

According to evolutionists; oceans are supposed to be 3 billion years old. The Flood could have dumped all of this salt in to the oceans in a few months.

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