Friday, August 26, 2011

What is Creation Science?

Creation Science is the  scientific study of origins from a Biblical perspective and despite what evolutionists may claim this is not a contradiction of terms. This is because the Bible is a historical document.
The Bible is not just a collection of religious stories or a collection of myths, neither is it history mixed with myth. The Bible is the most reliable ancient document known and it has repeatedly been proven right by archeology. In fact archeologists in Israel often use the Bible as a guide.

Creationists produce scientific theories but the Biblical account is used as a starting point. The resulting theories make testable predictions many of which have been successful. Example of creationists theories with successful predictions include:

  1. Dr Humphreys’ model of planetary magnetic fields which successfully predicted planetary magnetic field observations, including the recent measurements of Mercury’s magnetic field.
  2. Accelerated nuclear decay successfully predicted zircon He diffusion rates.  

Dr Humphreys’ White Hole Cosmology is an example of a creationists theory the need adjustment and where it’s been done. Other creationists theories have been largely abandoned when shown wrong such as The Canopy theory of the Genesis Flood and C-decay

Contrary to what Evolutionists may claim Creationists do engage in Peer-Review. When possible main stream journals are used however there are three major Creation Science Peer-Review Journals.

  1. Creation Research Society Quarterly.
  2. Journal of Creation
  3. Answers Research Journal

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