Thursday, August 11, 2011

Historical documents verses other dating methods.

Historical documents are the most reliable way to study history, since they are based on eye witness accounts. They are better than indirect methods in this regard in that their use requires no preconceived notions about the past. Historical documents are also the best of all dating methods. They set dates based eye witness, while other methods must assume some theory about the past. This makes historical documents most reliable dating method. Most archaeologists would prefer finding a written history of a civilization over deducing it from pottery and the like.
A death certificate for a human corps would be accepted over carbon 14 dating. Also the date on a copy of the Declaration of Independence would also be taken over carbon 14 dating as to when it was signed. Dates of lava from eruptions observed given by eye witnesses are always taken over any form of radiometric dating.
So if one has an historical document that gives the early history of the Earth; including dates; and it is base on eye witnesses it should be considered in any effort to reconstruct Earth history. This is true even in geology, since major geological events are often recorded in historical accounts. The Bible is such an historical document, but it is often ignored despite it proven accuracy.

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