Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Creation Science is important

Creation Science is the science of origins from a Biblical perspective. So from a Biblical perspective is helps provide a scientific of origins. This is important for having a complete and consistent Biblical world view. A strait forward reading of the Bible clearly indicates that the Earth and the Universe were created in one week just few thousand years ago and Creation Science shows this view to be scientifically feasible.

Creation Science has produced a considerable amount of research in Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology, Geology, History, Information Theory, Paleontology, Physics, and much more.

Research in Archaeology, and History evidence shows human history to be consistent with the Bible. Research in Astronomy, and Cosmology have shown that the universe can be only a few thousand years old from Earth’s perspective. Research in Geology has shown that Noah’s Flood could have occurred as described in Genesis and the Earth to be just a few thousand years old. Research in Biology and Paleontology have shown problems with naturalistic models of the origin for life as well as showing the need for a supernatural intelligent origin for life. Research in Chemistry, Information Theory, and Physics, have provided the needed theory for the other researchers.

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