Friday, November 25, 2011

Catastrophic Geology on Mars

As amazing a place Mars as is the uniformitarian claims of form JPL on Martian geology are shown wrong because evidence show that it has a clearly catastrophic nature. Mars’ largest impact basin called Hellas is on the opposite of Mars from the Tharsis plateau with its massive volcanoes. In fact the center of Hellas is exactly opposite Alba Patera’s caldera, Alba Patera has the largest diameter of all of  Mar’s volcanoes  this implies that the Hellas impact triggered the formation of not only Alba Patera but the other Tharsis volcanoes as well, The ash from their eruptions ultimately forming the Tharsis plateau,

Another smaller impact basin called Argyre seems to have been responsible for ripping open Valles Marineris.  In fact the dominant distribution of craters on Mars suggests that they came largely from the same direction suggesting a short period nearly unidirectional  bombardment rather than a longer period of occasional random impacts.

This shows that Martian geology has a largely catastrophic make up and not a uniformitarian one.

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