Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Creationists and Evolutionists could Benefit from Each Other

Creationists and evolutionists are opposite sides of the question of origins. So while full-fledged cooperation is impossible they can still benefit from each other. This is because both sides nave a different perspective from which they see things. There are three main ways in which this difference in perspective is helpful.

Creationists and evolutionists are not always looking for the same things when looking at the same phenomenon. Because of this each side will often acquire different lines of data that both sides can benefit from.

Creationists and evolutionists often see different things in the same data. This can benefit both sides by showing a different perspective than the one is use to,

Since creationists and evolutionists are on opposite side of the same issue they are naturally more critical of the other side than of their own making it easier to see problems. This is not to say that ether side is uncritical of their own side but that an honest criticism from a different perspective is helpful.

This would be nice if it happened in reality but by and large it does not. Some times it can happen in isolated cases but not on in the general case because of the degree of antagonism on both sides. A major problem is the fact that Evolutionists refuse to accept any Creation Science research as legitimate scientific research. As a result Creation Science criticism of evolutionist theories is usually ignored. This lack of respect on the part of evolutionists makes it hard for creationists to take their criticism of  Creation Science research seriously. There in lies the problem these mutual benefits require mutual respect something that does not exist.

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