Monday, January 9, 2012

Women the Biggest mystery of the universe according to Stephen Hawking

Reminiscent of doc Brown from Back to The Future, while being interviewed with regard to his 7-th birth day Stephen Hawking called women a complete mystery, suggesting that they are the biggest mystery of the universe. For a man use to pondering things like quantum physics, general relativity, and black holes this is a rather profound statement.

As a physicist I fully understand his predicament things like space, time and the vary nature of reality as complicated as they are, are still less mysterious than women. Space time can be understood by way of mathematical equations, but no one has yet found an equation that describes women.

He also referred to the idea that information is destroyed in black holes as his biggest blunder. He was naturally referring to as a physicist, since it could be argued that his biggest blunder is turning his back on God by becoming an atheist. Despite living decades longer than doctors ever gave him, his rejection of Jesus as Savior will prove to be his and any other sinner’s biggest blunder as they find them selves in hell following death.

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