Saturday, January 14, 2012

Antibiotics Resistance existed before Antibiotics

IT has bee claimed for years now the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is evolution in action. But a  recent study now shows that antibiotics resistance existed long before the antibiotics were invented.

After studying the DNA in bacteria found in permafrost that had been dated to 30,000 years and the researchers found the same set of genes that are responsible for antibiotics resistance showing that the predated the antibiotics. This shows that antibiotics resistance did not evolve in response to antibiotics but was already present in the population.

Note that the date above is based on uniformitarian assumption in Flood geology this would be 4000-5000 years ago but still old enough to prove the point/

The net result is that antibiotics resistance can no longer be claimed as evolution in action. It does represent an shift in the population but not new information added to the genome but long existing information come into dominance. This is exactly what creationists have been saying all along.

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