Friday, October 12, 2012

New Creation - What will happen - Does it point back to what has happpened?

_,_._,___As Christians we must pay attention to Colossians 2:8 “Do not let yourselves be captive to hallow and deceptive philosophies based on human traditions and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.”   We are warned that the “BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD” and philosophy contra to belief in the King and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ.


So why are those Christians holding to evolutionary philosophy based on naturalism rather than on Christ Jesus?  Why is the direct historical account of Genesis 1-11 thrown out the window and explained away to compromise with the “BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD” rather than on the King and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ.


Please consider what is coming. It is very easy to understand Chapter 21 of the book of Revelation that heaven and earth will pass away and a new heaven and earth is created by the King and Creator of the universe Jesus Christ.  He is the Creator of everything that exists (John 1:3, Col 1:16 please read them every day until you get this!!) and he is going to be creating a brand new heaven and earth and we have the description of it. It will have no sea, it will have no night, it will be paradise, …..  He also is going to created new code and new bodies for us. These bodies are not going to be flesh and blood and subject to death like life is now. They are going to be “indestructible” most likely with some special built in energy source in a design crafted perfectly by the King and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ.  These bodies will be able to eat and drink like Jesus did after the resurrection but will not be flesh and blood, no pain, no suffering, no wearing out, eternal and perfect designs.


That is who our God is and what he does. How could a Christian study what is to come, then look at the creation account in Genesis and interject evolutionary ideas of decent with modifications and millions of years and all of this non-sense about code assembling itself from unorganized matter to form life.  This is anti-God, anti-Creator, anti-Jesus Christ.  To be a Christian requires one to be a supernaturalist. If one is not willing to acknowledge the King and Creator of the Universe designed and created nature but also used creative acts that only a genius of geniuses outside of nature could possibly do, then that person should not claim to be a Christian because he is believing false and evil things.  Some Christians who are eager to accept evolution eagerly accept the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ who was made alive by the Holy Spirit of God given an eternal body not flesh and blood as the first example and just like will happen in the last day to all Christians who believe in King-Creator Jesus Christ.  This was not a natural, time consuming process folks. So why or how could the same Christians say the creation requires millions of years and lots of mutations?  That is foolish, evil, and simply wrong. Consider you stand on this folks. Think about what is coming and how. Read the book HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn.


The discussions I see in this forum and really sad to listen to based on much ignorance that King and Creator of the Universe Jesus Christ would like to help many of you overcome if you will simply listen. Will you?

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