Thursday, October 11, 2012

Information Universe and the Higgs field IV

My conclusions on what the Information Universe has to say about the Higgs field come down the following.


The rest mass energy of a fundamental subatomic particle results from energy of the interaction between the particle and the Higgs field. This interaction energy is one of the peaces of information that define the particle, though it may actually be calculated by the Information Universe from other factors.


The interaction between the particle and the Higgs field results it particles with rest mass bouncing back and forth at the speed of light. When particle is in relative motion to a observer this bounce speed slows with the particle retaining a total speed of the speed of light but moving forward a less than the speed of light. The relation ship between observed bounce speed and the relative velocity of the observer is

vH = (1-(v/c)2)0.5





------ Charles Creager Jr.

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