Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two enormous black holes Discovered.

Calling them suppermassive black holes would probably be considered insults because these monsters are truly massive. They dwarf the previous record of 6.3 billion times the mass of the sun. Both of these black holes are larger in dynamiter than the entire solar system and could easily swallow us whole. They were found at the centers of other galaxies by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The smaller on is located in the center of galaxy NGC 3842 in the consolation Leo at a distance of about 331 million light-years. It mass is that 9.7 billion Suns but compared to other one it is actually small.

The larger one and king of the suppermassive black holes is at the center of galaxy NGC 4889 in the Coma constellation and at a distance of 336 million light-years. This monster of a black hole has the mass of a whopping 21 billion Suns.

Discoveries like these are show that the universe sill has many mysteries hiding in the depths of space. It needs to be noted that suppermassive black holes like this are so large that planets and even stars could fall through the event horizon intact. It is amazing how powerful God’s creation is.

These black holes have the masses of small galaxies. They could not have formed from supernovae since it would require a star a mass of over 100 billion suns many orders of magnitudes larger than any possible star.  The only other naturalistic recourse is to assume they resulted from the collisions of smaller black holes, but it would take hundreds of millions of such collisions to form even one small suppermasive black hole when not even one black hole collision has ever been observed.

One creation model has God using these suppermasive black holes as the staring poits for building galaxies.

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