Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is The Scientific Establishment

The scientific establishment is all of the mainstream scientific institutions and  those that run these institutions. These positions give them control over many aspects of main stream science making it possible for them to limit research and distribution of material they don’t like. These positions include those with control over publishing, employment, research grants, research facilities and education.
This control can and does hamper innovation by keeping concepts down that are outside the ruling paradigm.

This not only includes Creation Science and Intelligent Design but alternative totally naturalistic concepts as well. There are areas where progress occurs only because older influential scientists die and are replaced by younger more receptive scientists. It has been said that scientific progress occurs one funeral at a time.

This is not necessarily conspiratorial but is most likely just people protecting their power and world view. However the result is the same. This actually happens in all fields of human endeavor such as science, religion, politics, business, and education. It is a result of human nature.

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