Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Creationism: The philosophical position that the earth and universe and life were created by God or some other supreme being.
Despite claims by anti creationist Creationism and Creation Science are not equivalent. Creationism is a philosophical position while Creation Science is a scientific discipline based on Creationism.

Natural process are recognized under Creationism because the Universe generally works by natural process; however supernatural events and process are seen as possibilities. It is actually a more open minded position than naturalism which denies the existence of the supernatural.

There are several views that extend from creationism Young Earth Creation, Old Earth Creation, Intelligent design if God is the intelligents Theistic Evolution and any other view of origins that involves God Theistic Evolutionists may deny that there view comes from creationism but as soon as you insert God into the equation you’re outside naturalism. None of these views are Creationism because Creationism is a philosophical starting point. These views are theoretical positions that come logically from Creationism.

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