Saturday, July 4, 2015

Human genome not 98-99% similar to Chimps

I have learned from reading evolutionist papers that nothing destroys a good evolutionist argument like reading the original paper does and this fact has once again been proven true.  I have just finished reading the original paper on which the 98-99% myth is based and not only does in never claim that human and chimp genomes are 98-99% similar but the actual figure one get from this paper is significantly lower.

Initial sequence of the chimpanzee genome and comparison with the human genome

First thing to not is that the paper did not deal with similarities but differences. The  reporting by evolutionists reversed percent difference to percent similarity, most likely because 99% similar has greater propaganda value than 1% percent different.  The number actual figure on which the 98-99% similarity is based on substitutions and is actually a 1.23% difference.

Example of a substitution


Now there is another type of difference the paper described that exceed the percentage of differences from substitutions and they are called insertions and deletions adding an additional 3% difference to the two genomes.

Example of an insertion and deletion

From here it only takes a little math to see the true result. 3% + 1.23% = 4.23%. This means that base on the original paper on which the  98-99% similarity  is based, the actual figure is a 4.23% difference which produces a 95.77% similarity from the vary paper that is used to claim a 98-99% similarity.

Now while is still quite close it represents a 2-4 X increase in differences purported by the 98-99% similarity claim. It also needs to be remembered that this study did not include a significant portion the two genomes that can not be matched, meaning that these portions of have a much larger difference than the areas used in this study. The Result is that 98-99% similarity is proven to be a myth by the same paper claimed to have discovered the similarity.

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