Monday, August 25, 2014

Distant Star light - Time Dilation models

There are three main theories the use time dilation. They are Dr, Robert Herrmann's rapid formation model, Hartnett's cosmology based on Cosmological Relativity, and Humphreys' White Hole cosmology.
Rapid formation
Dr, Robert Herrmann's rapid formation basically postulates that God had rest of the Universe sensually on fast forward during day for of creation. While it does maximize the God's miraculous involvement, it lacks  specific predictions that distinguish it from any of the other models in fact you can place the other two models within rapid formation. It's main flaw is that whiles is explains how we can see distant star light, it dose not explain or predict any thing else, this reduces its apologetic value to eliminating the one problem of seeing distant star light.
Cosmological Relativity.
Hartnett's cosmology is based on a theory in physics called Cosmological Relativity developed by Moshe Carmeli with John Hartnett adding some further it. In particular he found a cosmological relativistic solutions to galactic rotation rates that dose not use dark mater. Now when Hartnett applied Cosmological Relativity to a bounded universe he found that it the expansion rated had been fast enough in the past that being at the center time on the the Earth would have been much slower than in the rest of the universe. This approach has three main draw backs:
1. Cosmological Relativity is not widely accepted.
2. The exact one way light revel time to the Earth is not exact and depends on a constant of arbitrary value.
3. The time dilation described by this model would not have left any evidence that it had occurred.
White Hole cosmology
Humphreys' White Hole cosmology, was first proposed in his book Star Light in Time and to day it has wide acceptance among Young Earth Creationists. Based on General relativity it is grounded in accepted physics giving it great apologetic value. While it has has some developmental hic cups Humphreys has solve many of the m by discovering that for an object at rest with in an event horizon time is stopped. The result is that the Earth would have been in an achronous region wher time was stopped while distnat star light made it way to Earth. Most of the criticism of this cosmology by evolutionists is based on problems with the initial version of it as well as misunderstanding it. This is a theory that the mor it is refined the better it gets.
I currently have my refinement to the White Hole cosmology under review for publication. Based on a new metric is inproves on Humphreys achronous region by kepping the space around the Earth flat. One of the results of this new metric is that it explains Type Ia supernovae data inerpreted as an accelerating expansion as being a reult of a bounded unverse and particularly one bounded by a large amount of water.
So while the Distant Star light  was once one of the most challenging peice of evidence used to support and Old Earth ir has been solved.
Next  Radiometric dating. 

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