Friday, July 11, 2014

Distant Star light - Light created in transit.

This is the idea that God created the star light already in transit from the stars on day four of the creation week without having to cover the distances. IT was the first proposed solution to this problem and it was based in the idea of a mature Creation.
The main argument against this idea is that it make most of what we see in the universe distance greater than 6500 light years a fiction that never happened. This put God’s honesty in to question since most we see of God’s creation 99.999975% by distance would be fictitious. Because of this the Light created in transit has been largely abandoned.

Other major problem with it is the fact that it is inherently untestable making it totally unscientific and of little if an apologetic value.


One possibility of solving some these problem comes this idea the the Universe is fundamentally information. One aspect of my model which I call the Information Universe is that the information about the state of an object is not fully processed until it is observed by a conscious entity. In this case a distant star and other distant objects exist only as mathematical probabilities that are narrowed when we observe it in a given state from its light to the range of mathematical probabilities constent with the observations. In this case distant events are just mathematical probabilities the program of the Unisvese with no actaull reality until it light is observed. This both eliminates the problem of God creating sn object in deep space with apparent history, making it no more dishonsest than the back ground of a video game. It also provides a scientific backfround for the Light created in transit.


The big problem and one reason why I do accept this is that it still makes the observed events of the Universe 99.999975% fictitious and dishonest or not God would still be giving sinnful men an excuse to denigh the The word of the the salvation offered through faith in Jesus Crist.


The other problem is that even within the Information Universe there is no reason why God could have not let the universe have a real history even in the context of the mathematical probabilities and so there is no reason for creating the Light from distant objects in transit.



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