Saturday, May 31, 2014

Most challenging Old Earth evidence.

This the next part in may series on Evidence for Young Earth Creation. This part deals with the most challenging Old Earth evidence that is the evidence that that is used to claim an old Earth that have posed the biggest challenges for Young Earth Creationist. This does not mean they are unanswered but they have been the hardest to deal with. What follows is the list of topics that I plan on dealing with here. I would also like any suggestions you will have. They will be considered for inclusion as long as I get the suggestion before I conclude this part.
Top List
Distant Star light.
Radiometric dating.
Carbon 14 Dating.
The 4.5 Billion year age given for the Earth,
The fossil record.
The Geologic Time scale.
By the way I know that Radiometric dating, Carbon 14 Dating, and the 4.5 Billion years all deal with Radiometric dating but Carbon 14 Dating, and the 4.5 Billion year are specialized areas that need special treatment.
As I said feel free to make suggestions. The most likely reason why I may not include it is if I think it is best included under “Alleged Old Earth evidence easily dealt with.”

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