Saturday, October 12, 2013

Basics of Relativity Theory

Contrary to what it commonly thought Relativity theory was not invented by Einstein but the basic concept was actually developed by Galileo. Einstein realized that not only was motion was relative but time, mass and space were relate as well as well.
In Galilean Relativity space and time were seen as absolutes. This was a result of Galileo not considering the speed of light in his thinking because was unable to measure it. In fact Galileo tried measure the speed of light being the first recorded person to have tried to do so.
Newton’s laws of motion were partly based on Galilean Relativity. These laws formed the foundations of physics. However it was ultimately the failed attempt to detect the aether that led to Einsteinian relativity.
From here Einstein developed both his Special and General Relativity. Though Relativity had been used in the development of atheistic theories like the Big Bang, it has also been of great use to Creation Science Cosmology.

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