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Re: [CreationTalk] Information Universe and Quantum Mechanics

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There are conflicting theories about the origin of the universe – when the apodictic fact is explained in ROMW VS. RAMB, i.e., read only my word vs. random access make belief by -Simeon Johnson

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This is part six of the Information Universe series. See the link for part

The Information Universe came about as a way of explaining the strange
results of Quantum Mechanics. In particular it was the famous; some would
say infamous Double Slit Experiment that has lead has shown that the
universe is fundamentally an information system. Furthermore it is the
quantum erasure aspect of the Double Slit Experiment that eliminates all
other possible explanations for the results of Quantum Mechanics.

Not only is the Information Universe model a natural consequence of Quantum
Mechanics but it is the best way to explain all of the strange results that
come from it. Furthermore making a space pixilated information based
coordinate system it makes it possible to reconcile Quantum Mechanics and
General Relativity a task few theories have even come close to succeeding

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