Friday, May 18, 2012

Bacteria with amazingly slow metabolism found on sea floor

A  newly descovered  bacteria with an treamly slow metabolism has  been found 100 feet under the the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean in a location isolated from both sunlight, and fresh nutrients. They have a metabolism that is so slow that if they reproduce at all it only occures about once every thousand years or so. The ability of these bacteria to survive in the low nutrient conditions in which they were found shows that bacteria could also survive in material ejected from a planet into space. The are two possible ways this can occur. One is an asteroid impact where the bacteria hitch a ride to other planets on meteorites. The second is the fact that bacteria are constantly being ejected into space on dust particles where they can move around the solar system on what amounts to minny solar sails that eventually settile on other planets.These bacteria support the theory that if we we to find life else wheres in the Solar System that it most likely originated on Earth but wast transplanted by way of the above processes.

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