Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video on Science and Politics

Video on Science and Politics

In any interaction between science and politics science usually looses. Nor that all interactions between science and government are negative but the overall affect on science is
negative. Politics is about acquiring and holding on to power and not knowledge infact Politics tends to be destructive to knowledge because ignorant people are easier to control. Also politicians are usually not really interested science but in sending money to their districts. Worst yet government often favors some lines of research over others in funding, education, and recognition. Some times government favors one side in a scientific dispute over others. The best examples are in origins research and climate research.

Government has been known to hinder lines of research from being perused. In all fairness this is sometimes times legitimate such as preventing dangerous experimenting on humans, but other times it’s not. Government can hide lines of research something that happens with research conducted by the military. The reason usually given for this is national security and some time it is legitimate but other times it is just used as an excuse.

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